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To whom it may concern: Please consider this a sort of testimonial.

For several years I had dreamed of publishing my own children’s book, The Amazing Adventures of Magnet Boy. With the changing face of the publishing world, trying to do so proved near impossible. Yet I felt that my book was a quality piece of children’s literature. I was very frustrated.

That is when I found Wade Munson. He helped make my dream a reality. First we spoke over the phone and via e-mail. He looked over a draft of my story. He gave me some ideas of how to pursue publishing my book on my own. After finding a self-publishing company Wade walked me through the steps to final publication.

Wade did the formatting for my book, advised me on how to get my bar code and ISBN, and did the fantastic illustrations to ultimately bring my book to life. He also created my website and helped me retain creative control of my book. He has counseled me throughout the process.

Wade came to the “Publishing Party” we held, and he also visited a school with me to promote The Amazing Adventures of Magnet Boy. MY book is published in a manner I am proud of, and I have actually sold enough copies to have turned a profit.

I cannot stress strongly enough how highly and unequivocally I would recommend Wade for your project! What Wade has done for me cannot be expressed in such a short testimonial. Please feel free to call me or email me at any time for more details about this special man of creativity, vision and artistry. What he has done for me I am certain he can do for you!

Wade Munson at WadeInCreativity deserves much gratitude for the success and popularity of the Big Book of Clubbell Training. One can have the greatest content in the world fail to reach the public because of the delivery and medium. Wade's "creativity," professionalism and meticulosity has made our "Big Book" a big success! Thank you, Wade!

Regarding Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought
I am quite simply and honestly blown away by the book! The text is incredibly inspired and easy to understand. The pictures are clear and very easy to follow. In general I have never liked books on movement, because I have a tough time seeing movement on the page, but this book is so easy to understand. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Wade did a great job on my cover and layout, and I wholeheartedly recommend his work.

Dear Mr. Munson,
I would just like to express my delight and a great satisfaction with the incredible level of professionalism and dedication you’ve demonstrated in the way you approach your amazing craft, during the time of our business cooperation.
RMAX International has always emphasized the importance of the graphic quality for its product line as well as its Internet presence. Teaming up with you for a long “haul” has proven to be one of the best decisions we’ve made.
Your response time, the friendly disposition, and the willingness to go an extra mile for a bigger goal are the exact qualities companies seek in their business partners.
Thank you very much for your wonderful contribution to RMAX International’s success.

Wade Munson is a rare type of professional who is able to bring an obvious passion to his craft. With his intuitive understanding of what feeling you're trying to generate through your your services, he immediately understands how to create that feeling visually through his promotional materials. I highly recommend Wade to anyone who is serious about showing the world what they do.