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Services Overview

By now it's probably clear that I design books. But what does that actually mean? My services include assistance all the way through the book creation process. From recommending an editor for the manuscript, to design and layout, and even working with print vendors on a client's behalf to ensure the project comes out as expected.

Once your book is complete, I am also prepared to assist authors in their promotional efforts by creating additional marketing collateral and/or products. Items such as custom bookmarks, flyers, postcards, T-shirts, posters, brochures, or websites enable authors to get the word out to more people. Please see the Additional Services page for ideas.

If your book is already in production and you are having difficulties with your vendor, or understanding why your book is not printing correctly no matter what your account representative is telling you, I can help. I can review your print-ready files to check for errors, talk to your vendor to identify the problem, and fix the issue so you no longer have to waste your valuable time trying to make sense of it.

Types of Books

What types of books will I work on? Well, pretty much anything. Here is a brief list of the kinds of books that could be done. If your book seems to fall outside of these examples, contact me to discuss your project.


Stories and accounts of the famous and not-so-famous. Have a personal story or experience you would like to share?

Children's Books

Have an idea for a children's book? I can assist with all phases of your project, from the layout to the illustrations.


All diets, cooking methods, and ethnic specialties are of interest. Hey, I love food...

Educational References

Advice, parenting, self-help, travel, language instruction — you name it.


Any book that covers events of the past.

Holistic Resources

Anything covering alternative medicine, health and healing, or lifestyle.

How-To Books

Books that teach the reader a skill, craft, or trade. Usually a number of photos or diagrams are used to convey the information to the reader. Virtually any subject can be covered. Examples of subject matter are crafts, martial arts or fitness practice and techniques, sports, repairs, sign language, woodworking — the list could go on.


Do you write a comic strip and need help compiling it all into a book?

Manuals and Workbooks

These make great additions to school materials, seminar tools, or video/DVD packages. They can add significant value to what you already offer, without adding a significant extra cost to produce.

People tend to have lower expecations of quality for these types of books. This allows authors to utilize more accessible and less expensive printing and binding options that are readily available in most local copy shops. I can format the files for any printing resource.


Fiction, non-fiction, mystery, science-fiction, fantasy, or horror — all are fair game!

Collections of Short Stories or Poetry

Got a collection of poems or short stories you would like to publish? Let me help you put them together into an elegant whole.

Projects that are inflammatory, lewd, prejudiced, racist, or
promote violent acts will not be accepted under ANY circumstances.