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Additional Services

Once a book is published, that is only the beginning. Authors need to actively promote their work in order to be successful. If people don't know about your book, how can it sell?

Even authors who have been picked up by mainstream publishers have found out that they are still responsible for marketing their own book (or at least paying for it). Publishers will not put out large marketing efforts for books they don't see as having a chance of being a best seller. It may sound a bit harsh, but that is how things are.

The following is only a short list of what is possible. I am fully prepared to create any promotional items needed to support your book. If you have any other ideas or questions about promotional products, please contact me.

Custom Bookmarks

When selling a book, why not include a free bookmark? They are an effective and inexpensive promotional item that get used over and over.

Direct Mail Postcards

These can be mailed out to publishers and bookstores, used as "leave behinds" at book expos, or repurposed as flyers.

Media Kits

Consider putting together a media kit. A fully electronic versions for easy download is easy to make changes to and requires no overhead costs. A fully produced and printed package could include items such as a custom designed mailing box, sales letter, copy of the book or galley proof, or an audio version of the book on CD. It's a great tool for submitting work to publishers.

CD/DVD Packaging

Consider putting your book in CD format. If you can find a talented animator or film student, create a DVD version. These give you two more powerful ways for people to experience your written work and increase sales.


One of the most cost effective mediums, T-shirts are walking advertisements.

Bumper Stickers

Another traveling advertising medium. Who doesn't look at bumper stickers while on the road? A simple way to get the word out.


Great for promoting book signings and other author appearances. Authors can either ship printed copies to the event location or send a print-ready electronic file to a printing service in the area of the upcoming appearance.

Web Banners

Get others to promote your book on their website with eye-catching graphics.


The ultimate self-promotional tool. Having a website to promote a book is mandatory for one to compete in the market. A website is also the best place to sell a book. By using the written word, images, audio, and video in one place, an author can generate a lot more interest in their work.