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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I Just Do the Book Myself?
Technology has come a long way in recent years which has made it more convenient and affordable to produce your own books. The advantages of doing this include a higher profit margin for you on all sales, retention of all rights, and total control over the look of the final product. A problem with many people producing their own books — including doing the design and layout — is a final product the author is not entirely happy with or one that will not sell as well as it could. Do not underestimate the value of having your book professionally designed.

A large number of self-publishers find themselves having trouble with available online tools for print fulfillment. The truth is, these tools will not work well for everybody. Some of these services may not work at all, depending on the software the author has. The wide range of printing options available can add a large amount of confusion as well. This can lead to a large amount of frustration.

I have many years of experience in the printing industry, and am prepared to assist authors with getting their book printed.

Does It really Matter How My Book is Produced?
Absolutely. Consumers are very visual and fickle creatures. How many of us can honestly say that our decision to buy most items is not determined by or heavily influenced by the way the product looks? It's an unfortunate matter of perceived value and professionalism. Presentation is directly tied to product success in most cases. How your book is printed and bound can have a huge impact on your success. A product that is perceived as cheap will sell less than one that looks like it could be on a store shelf.

When it comes to books, if the information is what the potential buyer is more interested in, how easy the text is to navigate through may make or break a sale as well. Sometimes the presentation of the text itself can turn buyers away because it is seen as too cluttered or hard to read. And again, it may foster a less favorable impression on potential customers, even if the information itself is interesting.

Why Is Designing a Book So Expensive?
If this is your first reaction it is completely understandable. When looking at the total price it may seem like a lot to invest, but not when all the necessary work is factored in. Book design and production is a multi-step process. Be careful not be motivated by price alone. What you invest in your book often determines how much you get in return. By engaging a professional, most of the difficult elements and project details are taken care of for you. What you are really paying for is convenience, peace of mind, and a great looking finished product.

There are "boutique" companies that sell convenient and somewhat inexpensive packages but they sell the same designs to everyone. So while you may be getting a really good price, you risk looking like your competition. By working with me, you can avoid the cookie cutter trap that is too often offered by the boutique companies. Your finished book will be unique among all the other books out there.

What Makes You Different from Other Book Designers?
From the feedback I have received, it is my attention to detail, courteous customer service, flexibility, and the desire to make everything as perfect as possible. Since my name is on the finished product, I view myself as a partner in your project, and make every effort to ensure things run smoothly from initial design through printing. I also include some services in my pricing that other designers charge extra for, such as placing images on pages.

How long does it take to finish a book project?
The answer really is different for every project. The number of pages, how many images there are, how finished the submitted manuscript is, and the number of requested revisions can all affect the delivery date. Based on past experience, the minimum turnaround time is around eight weeks, though many projects have taken six or more months to complete. Again, this depends on the complexity of the project. It is safe to say that it isn't something that will be completed in a few weeks.

What about illustrations? How long do those take?
Again, it depends on what is requested. A conservative estimate would be minimum three to four months for a book containing ten color images, plus cover. The more revisions needed, the longer it will take.

What Types of Books Will You Work On?
Any type of book project is considered. For more specific examples, please see the Services Overview page.

Why Should I Use WadeInCreativity?
I love books, period. While I have extensive experience designing all sorts of project types, books are my passion. There is nothing more satisfying than helping an author bring their book to life from manuscript to finished piece.