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Creating E-Books

E-books have become a huge commodity in recent years. Many authors have capitalized on this medium to get their books out to the masses. The majority of successful internet entrepreneurs speak of the power of e-books. The trouble is, most if not all of them tell authors how easy it is to make one with Microsoft Word and an online PDF creation utility. While these certainly do the job, it is generally a poor one.

The resulting e-book is only as good as the initial desktop publishing job. I have purchased a number of e-books. Some are great. Some might be great, but I wouldn't know because they are so hard to read. Bad page breaks, inconsistent fonts, broken links, obnoxious or inappropriate colors, or (believe it or not) missing text, all can hurt an author's reputation.

It is my sincere feeling that an e-book should look as good as its printed counterpart. Given the option, I think most other consumers would agree with that. If you are truly serious about your e-book, then please consider professional layout and design that will not only look great on screen, but will print beautifully as well.

For clients who are creating a printed book, an e-book version can also add value to your brand, reputation, and bottom line. Conversion is available for a nominal fee.