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Book Printing and
Fulfillment Services

For those who would like to handle their own book printing and fulfillment but don't know where to look, here are a list of helpful resources. Utilizing one of these resources allows you to be in control of your printing quantities and costs.

Self Publishing and Marketing Resources

These companies specialize in helping authors publish their own books. Printing, marketing, and distribution assistance are provided as well. Most resources have publishing packages for your convenience. If a vendor is chosen to fulfill the printing and distribution, it must be BEFORE the book design begins! Most of these companies have specific file preparation rules and a limited set of standard book sizes to choose from, so I will need to set up the files appropriately in the beginning.
Book Printing Revolution
Mill City Press
Books Just Books
RJ Communications
CreateSpace ('s book printing and publishing service)
Outskirts Press
Dog Ear Publishing

Book Printers

Book printing is a specialty area that needs to be handled by companies that specialize in it. Depending one's goals and budget, books can be printed on a traditional offset press for large quantities, or digital on-demand printing for short runs. The following companies provide information about both approaches. I am happy to speak with anyone who needs help deciding what is best for them.
Action Printing
Axess Printing
The BookMasters Group
CMYK Graphix
Color Centric Corp.
Endeavor Printing
Falcon Graphics, Inc.
KD Press
Keystone Digital Press
Mercury Print
Signature Book
Whitehall Printing

Book Fulfillment and Distribution Services

Fulfillment and distribution can take up an author's valuable time. Third party services can provide storage, inventory, shipping, and tracking services.

ISBN Information and Registration

Library of Congress Numbers

While not mandatory, a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) or a Preassigned Control Number (PCN), enable your book to be cataloged by libraries.


Get a barcode for your product or book quickly and easily.

Barcode Info

Why do you need a barcode? Here is a great resource on the basics of barcodes.

Books in Print Listings

Books published with an ISBN number can be registered through Bowker after completion.