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After years of freelancing in addition to working full-time, it finally became clear that the projects I enjoyed working on the most were books. This website is the result of that realization.

After a book is ready for publication, other marketing or promotional items may be needed for the author to make their mark. My experience in creating all kinds of product types allows me to quickly supply clients with additional advertising and marketing materials.

My career in the design field has included work in large format digital printing, creation of tradeshow materials, point of purchase display planning and construction, and elecronic prepress at a printing company. All of that experience is utilized to support my clients.

For the last number of years, my focus has been on design, publishing, project management, and forays into web design. I have also dealt with overseas printing vendors, if that is ever an option a client would like to explore.

The skill most useful to my clients is my intimate understanding of how the printing process works. For many years, I spent every day fixing client files so they would print correctly to either an offset press or digital printers. I learned the importance of creating design files that would print properly. This knowledge has been useful in every project I have ever been involved with since my time in a print environment.